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  • Service call: if customer requests us to come back after the dog was received and the grooming was approved, we will charge a $30 fee.

    STANDARD POODLES-GOLDENDOODLES-LABRADOODLES (require extra hand scissoring and time) $120 up.


    Special shampoo: Oatmeal, Hypoalergenic, Medicated, Flea & Tick, Spa type $8 per dog.

    Shaving of badly matted dogs: Small $20, Medium $25, Large $30, X Large $35.

    Dematting fee: $30 per half hour.

    Tick Removal: $30 per half four.

    Skunk Purification: $35.

    Infested dogs with fleas and/or ticks: Small $15, Medium $20, Large $25, X Large $30.

    Difficult dogs, and/or aggressive, and/or not able to stand up $30.

    Double coated-under coated dogs: Small $15, Medium $20, Large $25, X Large $30.

    Over 90 lbs dogs $20.

    Cancel appointment in less than 24 hours $30.

    Return of any not honored check $30.


Amores Dog Spa Package

For short haired dogs without haircut.

Bath with massage, Skin conditioner, Hand blow dry, Sanitary and paws trimmed, Nails clipped & filed, Ears cleaned.

Cool Dog Spa Package

Includes haircut, trimming, shaving.

FULL BODY HAIRCUT/TRIMMING, Refresening Bath w/ Massage, Skin Conditioner, Hand Blow Dry, Sanitary & Paws Free of Hair.

COOL Cat SPA packages

Refreshing Bath, Nail Trimming.

We have two different packages for your cat. They include: Refreshing Bath, Nail Trimming Ears Cleaned, Sanitary Trim.

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