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About cool dog spa

We offer full grooming services in San Antonio, Texas "Beautiful Lone Star State".

Cool Dog Spa Mobile Pet Dog Grooming comes to you as a family owned and operated business with over 15 years of experience offering an exclusive state-of-the-art mobile spa-salon. Equipped to give your pet the same professional grooming in a shop with the latest knowledge and techniques in this art with high quality products and service, conveniently at your home.

We are GREEN, only natural and organic products and never noisy and environmental toxic generators. Only clean energy is used in our units.




San Antonio Cool Dog Spa Mobile Pet Dog Grooming, totally self-contained, is dedicated to the health and care of your dog or cat. We provide high customer satisfaction by giving excellent personalized service, quality and convenience, right in front of your house. This being a huge time saver for the owner and less stress for the dog or cat. (Never in a Cage!)

Why Cool Dog Spa Mobile Dog Grooming?

Does your dog, shiver, cry, bark or howl endlessly when you leave him at the grooming shop? Do you return to an animal that is worn out from anxiety and stress from being in an unfamiliar, noisy and crowded environment and locked in a cage all day?

Definitely no more STRESS and TRAUMA for you and your dog or cat. That means no more cages, no noises, no waitng time! You really get PEACE OF MIND No more trouble car rides. Your dog or cat gets full attention from someone who is not stressed out by constant interruptions. Your dog or cat is immediately serviced and when finished steps out and is already at home. Households with one or more pet find Mobile Spa-Salon easier and more affordable. Let your "four legged angel" stay in their environment. Avoid diseases found in grooming shops. Clients do not need to be at home. Our V.I.P. see and feel the groomer as a friend and are more comfortable and relaxed at home.

Just making a phone call we will get to your home. Clients just tell us "how often they want their pets groomed and we will take care of the rest." They do not have to call us every month to make an appointment. Our software will manage their agenda. One less worry for them!

what make cool dog spa special...

Hard working pet owners enjoy the convenience of having the dog groomed while they are still at work or at home.

Stay-at-home moms love getting their pet cleaned while the children nap, instead of loading everyone into the care for several trips to the shop.

Retired and people that are homebound for medical reasons. Pets that don't like care rides.

Owners do not have to stop running their errands to take their dog to grooming

Busy pet owners, who don't have the time to take the dog or cat to the groomer, enjoy the convenience.

Your pet can be groomed everywhere and in flexible hours.


Amores Dog Spa Package

For short haired dogs without haircut.

Bath with massage, Skin conditioner, Hand blow dry, Sanitary and paws trimmed, Nails clipped & filed, Ears cleaned.

Cool Dog Spa Package

Includes haircut, trimming, shaving.

FULL BODY HAIRCUT/TRIMMING, Refresening Bath w/ Massage, Skin Conditioner, Hand Blow Dry, Sanitary & Paws Free of Hair.

COOL Cat SPA packages

Refreshing Bath, Nail Trimming.

We have two different packages for your cat. They include: Refreshing Bath, Nail Trimming Ears Cleaned, Sanitary Trim.

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